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Kyle Beechey

Kyle loves her films long, elliptical and Antonioni-esque. She's a LA-based wearer of many hats, including writer, model and brand consultant. Find her at kylembeechey@gmail.com & on IG @kylebeechey.

Film Kyle Beechey

'XX' (2017) an Anthology with Chapters by Jovanka Vuckovic, Annie Clark, Roxanne Benjamin and Karyn Kusama

Vibe: The film is broken into four parts, all with distinctive moods and vibes. It’s bookended by shorts that are dark and mysterious, while the two sandwiched in-between are comedic and fluffier. Each director explores a different subgenre. We get a little body horror, some 70’s/80’s
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Andrea Arnold Kyle Beechey

'American Honey' (2016) by Andrea Arnold

Vibe: A road movie … of the post-millennium, blue collar America, fever dream type. Arnold assembled a motley crew of non-actors from Wal-Mart parking lots and Florida Panhandle beaches. She combines this with Robbie Ryan’s inspired cinematography: think many lens flares, hand held shots and an overall satisfying yellow palate.
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